Tapingo 비디오 리뷰 & 팁과 당신이 알아야 할 트릭

Using the Tapingo App

Allie giving her review on using the Tapingo app for the delivery of an off-campus restaurant. Check out Tapingo at www.tapingo.com or download the app ...

Tapingo: awesome way for college students to order food and drinks

It starts with context: what drink do you usually get on the way to class? Is it an iced latte? Fine, your mobile phone can order it for you as soon as you leave your ...

Best Free Apps for Students 2014

Ordering pickup on Tapingo

Tapingo is the easiest way to order ahead and pick food up on the go. Use the free app to browse, order, and pay. Tapingo integrates securely with your campus ...

How to use the Tapingo RX app on iPhone

Android users: its very similar.

Tapingo - Wait Less. Live More.

As seen on: TechCrunch, Forbes, TNW, Scobleizer, and more. Tapingo is a mobile shopping platform targeting busy consumers in dense retail environments by ...

The Tapingo Courier: Jacob Wilmoth

I interviewed Jacob, who is a Tapingo Courier here in Stillwater. The new business took the town by storm and I got an inside scoop on the typical workday for ...

College Food App Raises Millions in Funding

April 2 -- Tapingo CEO and Co-Founder Daniel Almog discusses his quick-delivery food and drink business, why he's gearing it to college students and the ...

Tapingo Saves Everyone Time

Tapingo helps everyone save time!

Tapingo App Flow Movie

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