Tapingo App Reviews

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So convenient! I havent been late for anything since Ive been using this between busy schedules.

Perfect line skipping!

Its amazing when you need to have food ready for in between classes and/or work!


As a student at SJSU, I have two classes with only 15 minutes in between. This allows me to order while in one class, eat and make it to class on time. Without this app Id probably starve for the first half of my day. Thanks you guys

Great idea poor implementation

Staff cannot report if they are out of something to tapingo, resulting in your order not being made. The menu is not on par with the actual menu confusing staff causing your order to be again not made. This waa a great idea with extremely poor implementation.

So many offers

This app works great. However, they insist on barraging me with "amazing" offers every time I open the app. Its quite annoying.


Im completely spoiled. begin use at your own risk

IF it works, you might get your food in 30-40 minutes. If something fails after you place an order and the order is not completed, it wont notify you. Which means you can wait an hour for your food and it wont come. personal experience.

Hella convenient

This app really saves you time when ur going between classes. Its really effective on quality controlled places like Panda Express where u know ur gonna get the same correct portions every time. Highly recommend this app!


The food I order is always delayed and delivered late. By the time I get it, the food is cold, and half the time I am missing items I paid for. This app is only worth getting if youre desperate for food.

Save my time

Really save a lot of time. Usually when I grabbed my food, I feel sorry for those guys in the long line.


Want faster delivery

By the time the food is delivered to me, my food is always cold. The app is unresponsive and it takes me a few times to be able to put in an order. Please fix this. Its annoying.

Saves so much time

I was very skeptic about getting this app because of the mixed reviews it has received, but Ive had nothing but GREAT experiences using this app. I use it to order lunch between my busy work schedule and classes and to get food delivered when I have a late night studying. I highly recommend this app if youd like to save time.

Unsatisfied Loyal Customer

Ive been getting food delivered to me from Tapingo for the mast few months. Loved this app until they took away the ability to give a tip. Now, they have a flat rate tip of $1.50 on every order. Thats ridiculous!

Poor customer service. Unprofessional delivery

Customer rep ended chat without notifying and had to wait for another rep. Delivery drivers can be extremely unprofessional

Great App

I love using this app, skip the line and just continue working until its ready. Saves me a lot of time.

It works

The app does what it says its going to do. It comes in handy when you wanna sneak outta class real quick to get something to eat without being gone for too long.

One major flaw kills it for me.

I use the app on my campus. I started using it because there was always a line at Taco Bell here. In theory the app functions as intended except for one major issue. They say my order will take 3 minutes to pick up and tell me that its ready but I get there wait 5 minutes to tell someone my foods not ready so they give me the wrong food thats for someone else. Dont bother looking at the receipt to see the name is a womans name. They I watch them start making my food and I finally get it and then I have to wait to ask the only cashier working for my drink. Its so unorganized. Just wait in line youll be better off and wont have to pay a "convenience" fee.

Best App for Food on Campus!!

Hope your school has Tapingo , this is an awesome app that always has my food ready in always less then 6 minutes! Great coffee runs!


Tapingo is a terrible application. Although its initial conception is well grounded, the application fails to cohesively coordinate with restaurants to assure a swifter service for their clients. It is therefore counterproductive to use Tapingo because clients end up waiting longer in the restaurant for their paid food than they would have if they had just ordered on the spot.

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