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Best thing EVER for college students

Tapingo is lyfe.


This app doesnt work at all. I tried ordering food for 45 minutes and gave up. So frustrating. Tell your friends b

New update

Ever since this new update I cant even open the app anymore, it immediately crashes. Please fix this lol ur boy is hungry

Perfect for campus!

My college got Tapingo this semester and its been a game changer. As a grad student, my classes are far from the main dining areas on campus. But now all I have to do is place an order and by the time I get there my food is already ready to-go so I have enough time to get back and actually eat before my next class instead of waiting in line for my food. Its super easy but more importantly super convenient.

Doesnt work

Every time I try to order something it doesnt work


The convenience of this app is insane. Cuts down wait time, very efficient.

Bad Delivery Experience

I ordered pizza and ravioli 1.5 hours ago. Original order time was supposed to be 40 minutes. The app says its already been delivered, and when I called they said it will be another 47 minutes.

Great for nearby Places

I use this app for Starbucks and other close by places, it is super convenient for me


Its a good idea and I liked to be able to use it but the customer service system is just as incompetent as the people that run it.


This is great for when youre cramming for a test and dont wanna leave to get food, but the delivery fee plus tip makes it almost not even worth it.

Fast, easy, convenient

Super convenient! Allows you to skip the line when ordering food. Minimum wait and pick up when food ready.

Ad notifications

I dont need an app to send me a notification that its on my phone ready for use.

Only got the app because my college only uses it

Glitches, slow, messes up all the time....if you dont need to get it, dont. I only have it because my university doesnt use any other apps.

Line skipping at its finest

You can skip those lines and get right to lunch witch this app. The people who set up the menus need to validate their menus, but mostly this app makes life super wonderful!

Super Useful

This really cuts down the waiting time and is incredibly useful for skipping super long lines!

Awesome service

I use this app almost every day and I absolutely love it

Perfect App

No commentary needed

Extremely ineffective

At first I thought this app would help me with when I was studying and need some food, but on 3 separate occasions I never got my food. Also it makes the line for other restaurants twice as long and move twice as slow. The wait times for most of the pick up orders are at least 30 minutes. Most restaurants werent made to deliver and this doesnt fix it.


I got the app because it seemed like a good idea at the time but on my first order the restaurant I ordered from screwed up my order and the food arrived cold and soggy. When I asked the restaurant for a refund they said t was up to tapingo so I went to tapingo and they said theyd help me but theyve ignored me for the past three weeks. So much for help, I dont imagine Im getting that money back, am I? Ugh.

Convenient but

The courier tip on delivery is a lie. Your courier does not see a penny of the "tip", and now you cannot change the tip to 0. After the high delivery fee, now I have to pay a $1.50 "courier tip", that they dont even get? Not impressed.

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