Tapingo App Reviews

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So worth it!!

Love this!

Great app!!!

Never wait to get food!

Very Handy

I use this app almost daily to make sure there is warm food waiting for me when I get out of class. It is very useful.

Does Not Work

I ordered a sandwich from Starbucks, excited that I would not have to wait in line . I arrived at Starbucks to pick up my sandwich only to learn that Starbucks was sold out of my sandwich. Not only did I waste my time having to go to Starbucks but it also took an additional 10 minutes just to get a refund - which apparently has to come from Tapingo . Save yourself time and money and just call your to go order in by phone .

Worst Service

Never order delivery through his app only pick up! I ordered food for delivery and they took automatically took money from my account; however, that money never went to the restaurant so they tried to charge me twice. I tried calling Tapingo but was told to leave a message which they never responded to :(

Works perfectly at Georgia Tech!

I use the app at Georgia Tech, where the lines can get horrifically long at Chikfila and Subway during lunchtime (the Subway line I have measured as 35 minutes long during noon.) With this app, I ordered and got my sub 6 minutes later, after a class and immediately when I walked up to the counter! Not only that, I got $1 off my sub for using the app. I highly recommend the app, at least for GT students.

The app needs a lot of work

I cant edit account info from the app

Save your money.

Terrible service on more than one occasion.

Charged and didnt even order

I was charged .50 cents for no reason. I never ordered off of this app!!!!! How can they charge you when you didnt even order anything !

Great Campus Pick-up

I use this app about once a day to get lunch or dinner. When it started up at the University of Oklahoma, the restaurants themselves had issues getting organized; I had several orders get lost. Now though, all the mishaps are gone. It runs smoothly, every single time. Great app!

Delivery Time Too Long

Delivery has been extended to over two hours twice. "15 minutes" turns into an extra hour. Not appreciated.

Terrible service

I received not one, but two delivery orders 2 hours after I ordered them. And this app is more expensive than waitr, which Ive also used. Ive ordered before on Tapingo and it wasnt bad but these last two orders were the longest Ive ever waited for delivery food.

So far, so good!

Used twice; easy to use with no glitches and no waiting in line! Update: Ive used it a dozen times now. Its great, but it could use two additional features. 1, a way to turn off the text message that my order is ready. 2, way to add tip.

Wonderful Time Saver

This is a great app to avoid the line and still be able to order great food!


Sometimes good, sometimes mess up the order. Not coo

Bad customer service

In Stillwater, OK. Food often takes over an hour and a half to deliver, in which case it is always cold. Drivers sometimes have no contact before delivery and will show up at your door when ever they please. Sometimes food has been opened.

I love it but...

I love this app and I use it a lot but sometimes the prices are jacked up 4 or 5 dollars from menu price. Which is crazy to me

Great app

Perfect for a busy college student who has no time for lines. Eta is nice too.

Doesnt work

Ordered food, got the wrong order. It was an hour late. Still havent gotten a refund. Theres a lot of work they need to do with this. Shameful.


Waited 45 minutes for nothing...

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