Tapingo App Reviews

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Works great

I really like the app, looks nice, runs smooth. The service is going to differ from campus to campus. Working great so far at TTU

Shady business

This app does every little bit to make you pay more for your food. They do not update their stores menus, switching your payment method sometimes brings up your total amount for no reason (I did the math) and staff is rude and condescending. Ive had this app for about a year but Ive had enough. Save big just by calling your restaurant!

Awesome for the most part

I love tapingo EXCEPT for sometimes the foods that you order will be out of stock at Starbucks or Caribou, but it doesnt notify you that its unavailable, so you show up and womp womp you either have to get something else or get a refund because you already paid for it. However the good outweighs the bad as you do get your food quickly and dont have to wait in lines anymore.

Love it!

Awesome creation. Love this app so much! Makes my life so much easier and quicker!

Not good

Wait times are long, they have gotten my order wrong numerous times. There is no point in having an app thats supposed to make my life more convenient if I have to stand and wait for my order to be fixed. Im not impressed. Why do I waste my time ordering when I have to remind the people working about my order?

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